"Looking around and seeing so much green & blue. I’ll never get sick of it. The peace and quiet. City life really is no place for me. #nofilter #enjoyingthiswonderfulday" Photo taken by bitchpill http://ift.tt/1w3zNDd

"I guess #homework isn’t always awful 😍🐱 #catstagram #catsofinstagram #ilovemycat" Photo taken by erikaliving http://ift.tt/1sR4Dwx

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"yes to my dad’s shirt" Photo taken by mileycyrus http://ift.tt/1BvEaqJ

"Another juicy jay with some water hash, so much anxiety right now for no good reason. Gotta love it." Photo taken by princess__high http://ift.tt/1sR4Ek6

”” Photo taken by topherchris http://ift.tt/1sR4Ek0

"Selfie." Photo taken by beetlebailey88 http://ift.tt/1vaNOL3

"Our apartment complex has an eery feel about it. It seems as though there’s danger lurking around every corner." Photo taken by mademoiselle_chaton http://ift.tt/1o8avKd

"start of a pattern drawing from last year still waiting to be finished … #louismschmidt #bridgethevoid" Photo taken by bridgethevoid http://ift.tt/1sR4B7U

”” Photo taken by laceymicallef http://ift.tt/1sR4CsC

"That was fast! Here’s the very last WTYD back patch. 12x12 inches 12oz cotton $20 shipped USA $30 INTL email ryan@ryandelahoz.com of you want it" Photo taken by ryandelahoz http://ift.tt/1o8axBS

"💪 @bradngcs" Photo taken by aberdeeen http://ift.tt/1sR4ARo

"拉皮拉過頭的後果?Plastic surgery failed?#cat #neko #ネコ #ねこ #猫 #katetsai #benben #benbenfansclub #本本Benben
#catsofinstagram” Photo taken by katetsai http://ift.tt/1o8axlp

"in france ok" Photo taken by catscarlett http://ift.tt/1p7Gz67