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waiting for my girlfriend to get off work at 7 am

im hungry af but they are sanding walls downstairs before they paint them so the kitchen is blocked off & locked & I don’t want to make a ton of noise & wake everyone.

Calypso Colada! #Seagrams Escapes #selfie

I’m in my girlfriends room, she went to work but she left me with Kahlua.

look at this stupid blog I made

when i bought these glasses, my grandma said they didnt make me look cool

i dont look cool anyway.

just showered and my hair is curly

rice crispy treat & brisk raspberry tea

Been growing it out so I’m playing with my hair. About to go to bed & sleep & wake up & go to work.

Good night!

I can’t see in the sun even with sunglasses & that’s why I have so many.

got the day off so I guess I should be productive & take out trash.

Got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep, if any, I don’t remember if I passed out sometime, but I know I was awake in bed at 6 am.

cherry blossom vape

i wanna have 🍕 but I have no monies, so maybe I’ll just open a can of soup. Just showered & been listening to Happy all evening, Awww yeah!! I’m trying to save money to go to Ohio to visit a very special woman & I really need to devote myself more than I have because I want this very much. Spending tonight in meditation to think about myself & what I need. 🐶